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Clear Mobile Partitions Paragon Clear Mobile Partitions are designed and manufactured specifically for educational environments They are flexible, functional, durable, and look great too! Clear mobile partitions can separate space between students & teachers without obstructing the view due to the clear plexiglass surface The Idea Board also creates a space for dry-erase writing & brainstorming around the classroom and between student desks Mobile Partitions come with four dual-wheel locking casters for easy mobility Upright tubes provide an easy grip for movement around the classroom The bottom half of the board is constructed using 16-gauge steel and is equipped with 1/4” holes for standard pegboard hook accessories which allow for tools and writing utensils to be stored using peg hooks




Model #IDEABOARD3371‐A15


53” High 33”Wide 71” High 33”Wide 53” High 75”Wide 71” High 75”Wide

$772 90 $969 40

$1,074 20 $1,467 20

Model #IDEABOARD7571‐A15

Model #IDEABOARD3353‐A15 (pictured with additional paragon tables)

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