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Room Divider 360® Accordion Portable Partition

The Room Divider 360° hinge allows each panel to rotate a full 360 degrees, providing unparalleled flexibility Create a wide variety of shapes, from “L” edges to circular “C” shapes, or even perfectly straight lines Versare’s Accordion Room Dividers are quickly becoming the industry standard for creating impromptu office workstations or classroom areas due to its infinite arrangement possibilities The lightweight aluminum frame and low-profile casters provide enhanced sturdiness and durability compared to heavy steel dividers Each end of the RoomDivider 360° uses full-sized panels which stay at a fixed 90° for added stability Unlike awkward railings featured on other brands’ room dividers, these end stabilizers eliminate tripping hazards and increase both the sturdiness and attractiveness of the partition Low-profile lock casters increase more stability than wobbly, spring-based casters found on rival dividers The noise-dampening acoustical fabric allows pushpin signage and artwork display Polycarbonate panel options offer less sound control Although, their sleek style is spray-cleanable They provide a different level of translucency, which allows light through without sacrificing privacy space

Many color options available!




12607XX 12603XX 12605XX 12725XX

234”W x 60”H 102”W x 60”H 168”W x 60”H 168”W x 72”H

$2,154 75 $1,458 29 $1,697 35 $2,020 88

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