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Attached or Free Standing Tabletop Shields AmTab’s table shields are designed to help create physically distancing all the while students enjoy breakfast with their friends We can work with any size table to make sure the table shields fit perfectly All you need to do is specify the dimensions in the quote • Optically clear polycarbonate • Mounts to table with connector clips • Easy slide panels that require no tools • Rounded corners • Partitions to create physical distancing • Product is easily cleaned with soap, water and non-abrasive cloth • Mounting clips included

Round, Free Standing



Ta ble Shield - Attached

$1,734 91 $1,115 47

Table Shield - Free Standing

Square, Attached

Cafeteria and Desk Safety Shields Our durable school shield products prevent the spread of germs in critical contact areas by acting as a physical barrier that stops germs from reaching beyond the partition Desk Option: DS-202014 • 22”Wide x 18”Deep x 20”Tall • In 1/8”Polycarbonate w/ Bent Corners, Bent Lip &Tape Packaged Bulk Cafeteria Option Specs • 32”Wide x 24”Tall (4 Panel) • In 1/8” Breakage Resistant Acrylic w/Hinge w/Hand holes for easy fold & carry • All bull-nosed safety edges, bulk packaged

Cafeteria Accordian Shield

Other configurations available!

Contact your Meteor Education representative for more information.





Desk Shield - 22”Wide x 18”Deep x 20”Tall

$101 56 $241 67

Cafeteria Accordion Shield - 32”Wide x 24”Tall (4 Panel)

Model #DS-202014


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