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Powered Fence Easily retrofit any workspace by adding privacy and power With 3 outlets on each side, and just one corded infeed, Fence encourages people to spread out and plug in But it also creates an attractive physical barrier to give workers the privacy and safety they want to feel their most productive at work A simple table top mount requires no installation, and can be reconfigured along with your space Available in a range of powdercoated finishes, and panel material options SKU# Description Price


Powered Fence

$523 65

Dean® Clamp On Power Dean mounts easily to the edge of your work surface, and is perfect for charging your desktop devices Dean comes standard with 15 amp power and dual charging USB options in 2, 3, 4, or 5 port configurations Looking for a little color? Dean is also offered in a stylish range of on- trend, plastic finishes




BE04315-3-0-A-X-72 BE04315-2-1A-A-X-72 BE04315-1-1A-A-X-72

Dean® - 3 Power, 72” (Corded)

$184 65 $248 08 $236 81

Dean® - 2 Power, 1 Dual USB, 72” (Corded) Dean® - 1 Power, 1 Dual USB, 72” (Corded)

Burelé® Burelé® is a stylish member of the MyPower family that brings customizability to a new level The removable top surface can be customized with an endless range of materials or graphics, while its remaining sides offer a sleek, high-gloss plastic finish The possibilities for plugging in are also extensive with configurations available for power, data and USB




BE03373-EN-3-1-X-M1-72 Burelé® - 3 Power, 1 Dual USB, 72” Cord BE03373-EN-1-1-X-M1-72 Burelé® - 1 Power, 1 Dual USB, 72” Cord

$275 44 $205 35 $142 65


Burelé® - (2 Port) 2 Power, 72” Cord

Moiré® Moiré packs a fashionable - and functional - punch in any workplace With its removable, customizable top, the creative possibilities for texture or pattern are endless Moiré also features a sophisticated, high-gloss plastic finish A range of power, data and USB configurations are available as well - including a 2 port USB duplex that’s ideal for charging tablets and other USB-friendly electronics Offered in mounting options: Monument, Side and Hole mount SKU# Description Price


Moiré® - Table Top Mount, 4 Power, 72” Cord

$204 94 $241 08

BE03378-TT-2-2-X-M1-72 Moiré® - Table Top Mount, 2 Power, 1 Dual USB,

1 Blank, 72” Cord

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