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Isle Power Tower An independent, collaborative power hub that can be placed among a cluster of chairs or tables in a lounge, student center, or meeting area to provide 360 access of power to a group of users Circuit breaker in bottom of tower prevents overload Additional slots in base allow tower to be tethered to the floor should mobility not be desired Metal construction provides stability and durability, important in high traffic and collaborative areas 16-1⁄4”D 16-5⁄8”W 25-1⁄2”H SKU# Description Price


Isle Power Tower - Gloss Black Isle Power Tower - Gloss White

$1,853 60 $1,853 60 $1,853 60

Isle Power Tower - Silver

Vesta Portable Power Tower Vesta portable power towers bring charging options to lounges, common areas and wherever people gather With up to four power outlets and dual USB-A ports, Vesta is a mobile hub that can easily be shared Weighing 10 lbs Vesta is easy to move from one space to another Power cord stores in base when not in use, cord will coil when pushed back in A single plug-in provides power within a 10’ radius 28 25” H




PPVST1WF One 110V power outlet, two USB-A and one USB-C port

$1,540 14 $1,540 14 $1,540 14

PPVST3WF Three 110V power outlets (one on top, two on base), two USB-A and one USB-C ports PPVST4WF Four 110V power outlets (one on top, three on base), two USB-A and one USB-C ports


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