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Physical Distancing Graphics Kits Utilize AmTab’s custom graphic kits around your schools to help remind students and staff the importance of physical distancing • 12” X 18”Wall Graphics (5-PACK) • 6” x 18” Floor Graphics (5-PACK) • 12” Round Floor Graphics (5-PACK) • 12” RoundWindow Clings (5-PACK) Stool & Bench Signs AmTab’s Stool and Bench signs help create a physically distanced environment for students • Installed on any stool or bench tomaintain proper physical distancing • 12”H Cone • Durable outer shell holds up to heavy usage • Sold in packs of 12

Example Graphics Kit



Physical Distancing Graphics Kits - Set of 20

$2,417 24 $1,934 27

Stool and Bench Signs - Set of 12

Stool & Bench Signage

Hands Free 4 Health Door Opener Flu germs can live for hours on surfaces like doorknobs! The best defense in controlling cross-contamination is cleaning and disinfecting Your next best defense in stopping the spread of germs is the Hands Free 4 Health Door Opener It’s a new and innovative way to safeguard against the transfer of germs from person to person





Hands Free Foot Door Opener(Box Of 12) Hands Free Foot Door Opener(Box Of 12)

$400 00 $400 00


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