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Mobile Sink and Faucet Units • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction • Four Locking 5” Casters Allow for Easy Mobility • Two Faucet Options ( 5 GPM Flow Rate) - Hands Free Electronic Sensor Faucet - Water-Saving Metering Faucet • 5 Gallon Removable Fresh Water Tank • No Disassembly Required to Refill

• 7 Gallon Removable Waste Water Tank • Drain Hose Attached for Easy Drain • Soap & Towel Dispenser

• 115 Volt 3 3 GPM, 45 PSI Water Diaphragm Pressure Pump (CSA Listed) • 115 Volt Water Heater—2 5 Gallons (ETL Listed) • 15’ GFCI Power Cord with StandardWall Plug (UL Listed) • Hose Connections Provided for Water Supply and Drain Connections




260004 260005 260006 260007

ColdWater Sink & Metered Faucet Mobile Unit $5,774 34

Hot Water Sink & Metered Faucet Mobile Unit ColdWater Sink & Sensor Faucet Mobile Unit Hot Water Sink & Sensor Faucet Mobile Unit

$6,728 70 $6,283 86 $7,226 34

Model #260007

Portable Sinks (PreK-5 or Grades 6+) Hand washing is the most effective way to kill germs When running water isn’t available in the classroom (or anywhere in a school), these lightweight, portable sinks can be situated where needed Unlike many other portable sinks, ours has a manual pump that does not need to be located near an electrical outlet This sink uses tap water to fill its tanks (sink does not include a water heater) According to the CDC water temperature (warm or cold) does not change the effectiveness of hand washing The easy to fill and drain jugs provide 50-60 hand washes




SNK101 SNK100 SNK201 SNK200

Prek-5 Counter Height 28”- Base Model Prek-5 Counter Height 28”- Premium Model

$2,281 67 $2,528 33

Grades 6+ Counter Height 34 1/2”- Base Model $2,281 67 Grades 6+ Counter Height 34 1/2”- Premium $2,528 33

Model #SNK101

Model #SNK200

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